Identify Logo Font

I need some help identifying the "Ray Brothers" font in this logo to help speed my efforts in vectorizing the logo.
Any ideas?


my only idea is to start with Lubalin Graph.

Thanks, that is pretty close. To me, It looks like they modified it just enough and maybe mixed fonts so it doesn't fit any established font.

I'll probably just end up rebuilding it but, I thought I'd take a shot and post it here.

my thought too. i suppose it's possible someone actually made that exact font, but to me it looks like LG sqooshed, and the e turned/cut or just a different font altogether. whenever i see a sortof matching e the rest is a no-go.

Can't agree more with Jodie. Definitely Lubalin Graph to me and dramatically squooshed. If the /e is the only letter that really bothers you, I suggest you to borrow it from Avant-Garde (available as stylistic alternate though OpenType features). Avant-Garde has been designed by amost all the same persons (Lubalin, Carnase, Benguiat...) and is likely the sans version of Lubalin Graph (or Lubalin Graph is the slab serif version of Avant-Garde).