the art of raw

Hi everyone,

Does anybody know what font this is? I love the capital R and how the general look is low and powerfull.



Can't name it and really doubt this is a font as it, more a customization of an existing typeface. I guess you do pretty much the same from many wide/extended grotesk., pulling up/downwards some middle crossbars and reworking /R.
2 alternatives in the same vein: Abalda, Motora Sans
Candidates for customization: Novocento Wide Demi Bold (probably my choice because /W centre vertex is below the outer strokes), Engravers Gothic Bold, Road Radio, Blair Bold, Turnpike, Zeppelin, Doublewide, Reservation Wide, Presicav, Halogen, Fashion, Aero, http://Idlewid, Farmers Co-op

Wow thanks for all the suggestions! I actually think this is a font but I don't know if it's commercially available. It's used at the end of this video, and also on other materials that they have

But I'll go the custom way and modify one of the above for what I need.


Fontname is G-Star New, and I made it on the basis of art-work supplied by G-Star. It's only for internal use.

This is what was originally published by American Type Founders in 1934 as Thermotypes:
The mid-line is high in Thermotypes, but it is low in the sample image, except for F, which is high. There is a different W. But the flavor matches the image and the midlines and other differences are easy to edit.

Thanks for the heads up on Nick's version of Thermotype. Looks good!