Flat TrueType Kerning Table Size Limits

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Hello, all. Is there a way to break up the kerning table into smaller ones in plain TrueType? As far as I can tell, the issue is simply that this table is too large in my font(s). I flattened my kerning classes to pairs, removed OT data, but while TypeTool, FontForge, and InDesign all see the pairs, Word doesn't. (Yes, I do have kerning enabled in Word.) However, when I remove glyphs (I have a lot of diacritics), Word can see them just fine. So, I'm pretty sure I need to break up the table or something; how do I do this?

It's probably worth mentioning that I didn't need to insert subtable statements in the OT code for the CFF version.


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Jeepers, 4198 roman pairs and 6748 italic... no wonder TT gives up.

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