Caslon VSuperfine originally from where?

I have this font called Caslon V Superfine but I'd like to find out where it comes from originally and when I google it, there are no hits. I have a client who wants to buy the font but I literally can't find it anywhere on the internet!!! Where does Caslon superfine come from?


Looks like a Caslon 540 with a negative stroke to me.

If you open the font in fontlab you might be able to find the details of the author and foundry.
Is this close?

see post below!

Yea but its literally a font family in a package called "CaslonV" There is CaslonVthin CaslonVitalic.... but it is nowhere to be found on the internet...


I can answer this, if it hasn't already been solved?

Caslon V was commissioned in 2003 by Fabien Baron, as a headline typeface for Vogue Paris (Hence the "V"). To my knowledge, it's not available to licence or buy.