I am not sure if this is a type or not

Hi everyone!
I had the unfortunate task to help my comedy group in trying to convert this logo in a vector based logo.
I was hoping to find the original type of the part that said "BIG" and the one on the bottom of the logo "Barcelona Improv Group"
The person that did the design, doesn't have the originals, and doesn't know what he used, so I would love if you could possible help me in find it or something very similar to those types so I can recreate it in vectorial.

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any kind of help or suggestion about identifying this type.


Sigh, no one is answering, so it must have been one of the ugly font ones of dafont...

That's what I was thinking. Even some of those free alternatives are better :-)

BIG appears to be Millennium 5 Lines

Munkeyshine could suffice for the rest. maybe an extra stroke/outline would round it out a bit.

Hi know Bendy, the point is, they are not design savvy, and they love that logo. So I am gonna stick with that.
Thank you very much Defiantone! it looks that it is that one!!1

Thank you everyone!!!!