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Font name, please. Thank you.


I don't know if it's a font actually (hope you're not expecting one reproducing Hulk's face trough letters ;) may be more a custom lettering or a heavily squooshed font... Part of the very specific /U bottom, it could be approximate with any generic fat black sans of your choice (Univers Extra Black, Helvetica (Black or Compressed), Compacta, Impact, Haetschenweiler...) and manipulate it. The closest I was able to find is Francker Ultra Black though which comes very close. If you still need this logo, it is freely available to download here.

Hi, thank you so much. I have a vehicle to brand for a rugby player, which nickname is Hulk. He wants his name on the vehicle in the "HULK" font. Thank you for your prompt reply. Helps a lot.

Another option would be a slightly squeezed Antique Olive