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Workplace Gothic (condensed grotesque for computer UI text)

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Workplace Gothic (condensed grotesque for computer UI text)

As I mentioned in the thread for Workplace Sans, at some point I tried experimenting with a variant design that didn't look so stiff and homely. The alternate design was called "Workplace Gothic", and aimed for more of a grotesque style. A few months ago I dusted it off and started trying to rework it into something fit for the life of day.

Like Workplace Sans (with which it shares most of its basic proportions), Workplace Gothic is intended mainly for user interface text in computer software. It's not hinted beyond TypeTool's autohinting; I expect it'll typically be anti-aliased where used.

Sample PDF: http://www.altsan.org/creative/fonts/workplace/Type-Gothic.pdf

And some images for the link-shy or lazy:

...no, it's not particularly original, or beautiful. (It was the second font I ever designed, and started before I'd ever done any real study of fonts & design principles, although I've updated it a fair bit now.) But it seems to work OK for its intended purpose, and IMO looks better doing it than its older sibling Workplace Sans.