Typeface Identification 'Hellraisers' graphic novel.

Hey guys,

Would be grateful if you could identify a typeface similar/in the same style as the one from this book jacket.
This appears to be a custom hand-drawn typeface, so i'm looking something similar for both the headline/body copy.

I hope you can help,


For "HELLRAISERS" you may like
http://Visual Establishment (Bold) by Soolid Comunicazione (Free for Personal Use)
http://Monsterama Bold by Iconian Fonts (Free for Personal Use)
or you may want to modify
http://Mister Earl by Jennifer Maestre (available from Bitstream, ParaType, Tilde)

For the rest of text, take a look at Smarty Pants BTN by Stuart Sandler (Breaking the Norm, 2003)

I found them using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

This is brilliant fvilanakis, thank you very much!