Sans Serif Font—Help Please?

I'm in need of an identification of the font used here. I'm working on a small project for this company and the only thing I've been provided with is some JPG images. I'm hoping to grab the font to help with a simple menu design/other projects.

I'm not even sure how to find it. I've tried WhatTheFont with no luck, and hoping some one out there in the Typophile realm would recognize it or something close enough to pass. Thank you guys in advance!


The closest I have (possibly matching actually) is Star Avenue. So may be simply adding an outline stroke to artificially embolden it could do the job.

nice id ryuk. if you go to the Dirt2 page, they state: "There are two additional versions of this font included with the commercial usage purchase including a grunge outline and a thicker more bold version."

might be what is needed.

Star Avenue available from Dirt2 via this link.