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Personal Logo Type Recommendation

I'm looking for any recommendations on what type I should use for a personal blog logo. The logo should give the impression of a thought leader within the business sector and be able to build instant credibility. I need my name and tagline as the main focus of the logo. I want something that is simple yet powerful and can be used on my blog and social media profiles.

Here is a rough concept I've done just to work out a layout. If I can get some thoughts on type I can then play around with it some more and get the spacing of everything right. I'm not a graphic designer but typography interests me and it's something I've been reading about and learning lately.

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First: the varied spacing of your first versus last names doesn't look nice.


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@shanemackintosh: Good design is about making informed decisions and fitness for purpose. To assist people in providing you with more insightful feedback as opposed to subjective aesthetics, some questions:

1. What do you do?
2. Who are your clients?
3. Who would you like your clients to eventually be?
4. Who is your competition?
5. What is your hourly rate? (a designer with 20 years of experience will probably go for about $100/hr+)

From an aesthetic perspective, if you can get your hands on a copy of Robert Bringhurst’s “The Elements of Typographic Style” you’ll find yourself way ahead of the pack.

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Thanks for the replies. Here is some extra information:

- I'm a management consultant
- This is for my personal website/blog. I have a separate website & brand for my business
- My personal website is about building my personal brand to be seen as a business management thought leader
- I want to attract business owners and managers to my blog where they can read blog posts about topics relating to business that will help solve problems they are facing or give them new ideas to improve and grow their businesses
- Longer term I will write books and use my website as a base to promote them

I'll have a look for that book, thanks for the recommendation.