ID by only one letter (Gg)

After trying hard (see PortadaSF image below), I only lack these letters (aa, bb, cc and dd images). Could you please help me to ID these ones?

Thanks in advance.


Is "aa.jpg" Melior?


Thanks hrant, it is. Only three Gg missing!! "bb", "cc" and "dd" ^_^

BTW, that's Wilhelm Klingspor Gotische in the first jpeg...

cc looks like Blackletter 686, stretched.

Thanks to both oldnick (my fault, I forgot an "l"), and defiantone (you're right, cc.jpg is Blackletter 686).

Now, only two "g" missing !!! bb.jpg and dd.jpg

PS: It's a pity that we cannot edit the first post... ^_^