Berndal's Mixtra

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I wonder why it needs serifs at all. They look like an add-on. This work reminds me of the nineties, when it was utterly cool to chop off the serifs from serifed fonts. Look at David Carson’s layouts for Ray Gun. I see the different approach here in Mixtra. The type could do well without the additional serifs. However, me thinks the S and s are too light weighted at the top and the R’s head should be bigger.

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I would have to agree with J Weltin. It has some interesting forms, but it looks like it can't quite figure out what it is. It would play for the locals here.

I am no expert, however.

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It looks to me as if the serifs have been chopped off rather than added on. Overall it looks uncomfortable or unfinished or just not right. The italic looks more resolved than the upright.

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I essentially agree with you guys.

This is a style that's hard to pull off - but I don't think its impossible. Maybe angling the serif-less terminals would help. For example in the "fl" ligature in Patria (where instead of fusing the letters I removed the head half-serif of the "el") I think that makes a big difference.



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