Fraktur - like font. Any help?

Any help identifying this font would be appreciated. Thanks!


It looks like custom lettering - not a font.
(Look at the 3 different "g"s or the 3 different "h"s)

i have a suspicion that effect is the result of photoshopification.

edit.... nah.

It was originally done in 1989 so I doubt it was photoshop

i meant the quality of the letters in the sample. thought they were inconsistent due to editing of small sample. but nah.

So then no idea of the font? I thought it had similarities to Fraktur but I am of course looking for an exact match :)

Given the fact that not a single letter has the same proportions or features like another, I suspect it is all hand lettering, most likely even with a pen, not a quill.

and pre-digital i'd say. even though you might be borderline with the dates when fonts were being used digitally stuff like this was not likely available for a few years. If you want exact, start drawing :)
otherwise find an available blackletter font and enjoy!