Closest Free Font for this Logo


I'm trying to put together a nice presentation template for my new department at work. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my talks, and so I'm not happy to putting a pixelated PNG in my talk as the department logo.

Unfortunately, the person who put this image together is no longer working here, I'm told, so noone knows what font was used. I'm trying to recreate this logo in high quality.

I'd like to request an ID on this font, and ideally, a free font that is as close to this one as possible, such that I may recreate it.

I think I've IDed the font as Scylla, although confirmation would be fantastic. It's not free, so I can't try it. I've attached the logo, and look forward to your opinions and suggstions.



If you really are a perfectionist you won't limit yourself to free fonts.



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Thanks for that helpful response. :P

I can pay attention to how things look, without replicating the exact details in the image I'd like to duplicate. You should see the department's official logo...

If you are looking for free and something close you might consider Arial. Just about every Windows install has it. As we say in the sign business, no one will know the difference from the cheap seats. ;)

Hmmm, Arial is fairly close, but somehow not as elegant.

Myriad is close.

That looks to be the exact font, actually, Special-K. Thanks very much !

But it's not free.


I have access to it - so it's either come from the Mac or from Photoshop / Illustrator.