Bike Lettering

I took on a project of completely redoing someones bike, i suggested custom lettering of whatever they wanted but they insisted on it being as close to the original as possible. I inverted the colors so the font is more vibrant. I can get a new picture this is the only one i have available to me at this moment.


i know i've seen that s before. but it s-capes me.

It’s Insignia Alternative by Neville Brody.

well that would make sense then, since i had to write a paper on Neville in school. but that was 20 years ago. :)

That works for just about everything except "Mt" and the "T". Any suggestions? I'm sure a different font was probably used for "Mt" or could it be they only used the "S" from Insignia Alt.?

'T' is probably mocked up from Insignia’s 'L'. And 'Mt' is a totally different font that doesn’t fit to Insignia. I’d make that the same.