Old Pharmacy Type Font

Can someone help me identify the fonts in this image? Thanks!


Mid Victorian style. Not certain if typefaces or engraved. Three styles. Top & bottom lines seem to match a widely used 19th century typeface -- Lightface Celtic. You can decide for yourself based on the attached specimen of the full character set.
I can't find a digitized font that matches, but there may be something under another name.
As for the fancy font, again I can't find a digital match. The base font is sometimes called Roman Rimmed.
The Roman is a somewhat more nuanced version of the Fatface fonts of the early 19th century, of which several are digitized, e.g. Normande.
Rimmed refers to the fine line around the core of the font.
The fill of horizontal lines was a fairly common technique. The use of two sets of lines makes it an interesting variation.
The fancy font could be made as a bespoke font.

Maybe Barcelona?


Barcelona could be modified for an approximate match of Lightface Celtic.
Replace Barcelona's Latin serifs, expand the width, moderate the curl in C and e, revise R and N, and use a simpler ampersand.

You might like Brioche by Jessica Hische.

A real find! It has the right letters to replicate the Lightface Celtic portion of the label. The swashes are a nice bonus.

Barcelona Book BQ: