OfficeMax tagline - "What's your thing?"

Hello, any ideas on what typeface is being used for the OfficeMax tagline?

What's your thing?



Keeping this alive…

It’s definitely a font, but as we ought to have in a FAQ, hand-printed fonts are very easy and cheap to make. This means an advertiser can use anyones printing to have a font made, and no one else would be able to duplicate it.

There are probably thousands of freeware fonts like this, for the same reason — anyone can make them, or have them made for less than $10.

ClickArt has a set of 300 Handwritten (HW) fonts (now sold by Broderbund), and most foundries have a small scattering of hand-printed styles. Part 11 of the Script Font ID Guide shows all the HW fonts, and many of the other commercial ones, with a sampling of some of the freeware ones. You can probably find something that is at least similar to this, if you are willing to wade through about 24 web pages. It’s probably the most complete collection you can see in one place, if I say so myself.

Unless you get very lucky, picking something similar is your best bet to avoid spending a lot of time.

I realize this is an old thread but it deserves to be solved. This is Lisa Bralt's Wordy Diva originally from Chank. Sorry if this came up recently and has been solved. I unfortunately I haven't had the time to be here in months. Hope all is well with you guys though!