Monotype’s SkyFonts Enables Download of Google Fonts

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Monotype teamed up with Google to offer versions of Google Web fonts designed for print. Users of Google Fonts can now work with free, desktop versions of Google Web fonts accessed through Monotype’s patent-pending SkyFonts™ technology, which enables cloud-based access to OpenType® fonts.

SkyFonts is a desktop client utility that operates in the background of Macintosh® or Windows® machines, activating and deactivating OpenType fonts that are available for all applications on the user’s system. Moving forward, as new Google font data is released, such as when characters are added to a font, or when other font enhancements or updates are made, SkyFonts delivers them to users automatically.

Users of Google Fonts can visit to download SkyFonts and access desktop versions of the complete Google Fonts inventory. Like Google Fonts, the service is free.

Google Fonts users with Web Fonts subscriptions can also use SkyFonts to install and temporarily try typefaces before purchasing on

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