What is the parent typeface for this grungy version?

Hi guys. Help me out here...i need to know the parent typeface to this one and i need it asap. The 's' is especially hard to match. you can also check it out here: [URL removed by moderator due to unauthorized downloads of commercial fonts.]


You shouldn’t provide the illegal resource of FF Confidential.

I've alerted a moderator.


I have contacted the user directly.

Thanks, Chris.


Hi chris, hrant, akira, typohile members,
My sincere apology guys...ignorance is no defense, and i did not mean to offend. It won't happen again. I do not have the typeface, installed on my machine, that is...i just saw it on my friend's machine, he gave me the name, FF Confidential, and I googled it because he didn't remember where he got it. I posted the first link I found, for illustration purposes only. I dont even want this particular font...I just want to know what typeface it is derived from and maybe a link to where I can purchase it. If anyone can help, please do.