Invasion of Bee Girls (1973) trailer font

Maybe handwritten but really nice details indeed. One of the best uses of typography I've ever seen, anyway. Down there is the link to the trailer. There's also an uncensored version, but for once I prefeer the censorship strips


Chi-Town by Nick Curtis. If you use it, please consider this page first:

Edit: Changed the link to MyFonts …

Chi Town mixing upper and lowercases.

Thanks! Definitively great form interplay with upper and lowercase… I only miss the underlined O in Nick's version. But as long as I can't see the complete character set in myfonts maybe it exists…


Could you name the font in your display picture for me? Its great.

(Sorry to be off topic, stumbled upon this forum and had to register to ask you what it was!)


My pleasure, it's Pistilli, released not long ago by Veer:

I only miss the underlined O in Nick's version