Similar fonts help

Hi !

I'm looking for similar fonts to Walsheim and Planeta Plakat.

Something like this but with the « a » like Walsheim.

How would you call these types of fonts ? What are good other fonts of that type ?

Thank you.


Commando Group website uses [[|P22 Underground]]. By switching to the [[|Pro version]], you could get the [[|single storey /a]] available as stylistic alternate through OpenType features.
More in the same vein: [[|Brown]], [[|Fugue]], [[|Relative]], [[|Value Sans]]

Thank you !

Nice suggestions. Very simple, friendly and strong at the same time. Fugue is closest to what I'm looking for...

Any other suggestions ? I'm so obsessed with those.

great. :)

what kind of serifs would be nice with such geometric sans serifs ?

I saw combinations with slab serifs, I think it looks too similar and misses some « finesse ».