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Condensed didone with a weird M

I've been tasked with redrawing this logo in vector format, so unfortunately this is the best image I have. The flat-bottomed 'M' is throwing me for a loop. I've compared against the usual suspects - Bodoni, Torino, Didot, their variants, and less common didones - and nearly all are wider and have pointy 'M's with a wider flair on the left leg serif. As far as I can tell, this hasn't been mechanically condensed. The closest I've found is Ambroise, but the proportions don't quite match up.


how about Fashion Compressed? the M isn't an exact match, but might do in a pinch.

Thanks for the tip, defiantone. The deadline hit and I decided to redraw the letterforms from scratch. Being a geometrically simple face, this wasn't terribly difficult.