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British voge


Presumably British voge is "vogue." First thought was a HF&FJ Didot -- very popular for fashion adverts -- but the R in LETTERS is like Perpetua. Same problem when I tried Century Old Style. Presumably one of our gurus recognizes the font.

very weird. i like Caslon. but look at the fun screen snap, where the samples differ even on Linotype's site and link.

Caslon 540 Std Roman

Good match, except for the beaks at the end of the arms on T.
I checked my copy of the font & it does not include this T as an alternate. Nor is it in the ATF design [I checked the 1923 specimen book] on which the digital font is based. Perhaps this is a Caslon 540 modified by the designer to get a slick effect?

i know. i have no idea how you're supposed to get the flat top T, even though they show it for that font.

Caslon 224

ya for sure it's custom, thanks everyone for the other suggestions