Max Lamb booklet - what typeface?

I'm looking for a typeface that's thin, condensed and feels architectural or blueprint-like. Eric Olsen's Stratum is pretty close, but doesn't seem right for the job.

I ran across this design from Pentagram and was wondering if anyone knew what they used:

Any guesses? A link to purchase would be super helpful. Thanks!

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I don't know what this is, but you may like Politica by Sudtipos

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Pretty interesting. Politica looks pretty similar to Univers Condensed. What it's missing are those nice angled moments in the type (like in the 'A') in the sample.


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Someone from Pentagram claims it's a typeface called "Simple", but I have no idea where to find it...any ideas?

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i believe it's a Lineto. you'll have to check and make sure it's the one you want.

Lineto - The Fonts

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