1924-1925 gothic font (examples included)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recently I discovered a typeface preferred by my great grandfather circa 1924-1925. My great grandfather utilized this typeface throughout his life as the identity for his business. Can anyone assist with it's identification or nearest modern day typeface that comes closest?

Thanks in advance...


I think that's Festival by Stephenson Blake (also possibly by other foundries as well). There is a specimen of it here. I have the actual catalogue and verified it.

Hi Atwe,

You are truly gifted with an eye for type! Seriously. My great grandfather was from England so its not a stretch to think he would have had access to Stephenson Blake's type catalog. To your knowledge has anyone brought Festival into the digital age?

I did find reference to a 1977 Stephenson Blake Type Catalogue in which Festival was referenced. There is hope for the digital typeface yet. Seen in this picture is the complete typeface. I'd say with absolute certainty that you were correct.

The following digital typefaces seems to match your sample:
Monotype: http://Wedding Text Std
Fontshop: http://TR Lincoln
Linotype: http://Mariage LT Std
Adobe, Linotype: http://Linotext (Std or Dfr)
Bitstream: http://Wedding Text BT
URW: http://Mariage (or Mariage Becker or Mariage Becker Antique or Mariage AntD, http://Bliss, http://Olde English
Typographer Mediengestaltung: http://Olde English

I found them using "Find my Font": http://www.findmyfont.com