Condensed Letterpress

My name is Abel Martín and that is my first post at Typophile :)

My question is about that wood type that i have in my letterpress cabinet.
I would like know the name and maybe some about the history...




Ups! Excuse me, the image!

Nobody? :(

You could have a look to Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type study collection, it might be helpful.

Interesting web. Thank you so much!

Welcome aboard Abel! May the fonts be with you™.

Woodtype was usually sold by number and did not have a name. This seems to be a match to No. 97 from the Hamilton type company.

Link I have on file for the source of the image, Hamilton catalog 14, is:

Unfortunately the link did not work when I tried it a few minutes ago.


I didn't know that woodtype was usually sold by number, some interesting.

That type looks really similar, but it's no the same. Compare, for example, the glyphs S, M or C.
Any way, thank you so much, Don!

You're welcome.