We’re throwing a sale

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Fredrik Meltzer’s original design proposal for the Norwegian flag, drawn in 1821. According to the myths, it was drawn by his twelve year old son.

Hipp hipp hurra! It’s the 17th of May, and we’re throwing a surprise sale to celebrate the Norwegian constitution day. Get 17% off on any purchase with the coupon code “pølser”. Have a mouthful on www.monokrom.no

But wait, there’s more: You can now compose custom bundles combining fonts within and across families. Any purchase with three or more items is eligble for a bundle discount.

Hold on! We’re not done yet. Do you need to upgrade a license? The old one is now automatically deducted in the checkout.

Puh. Time for some sausages.

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And if you’re an old customer, make sure you check your inbox first. We’ve got a little surprise for you.

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The sale is open until midnight in Alaska. You have a little less then twelve hours left.

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