Visto en un logo, alguien reconoce estas letras


Close similar to "EVEBRAU": http://Sable Lion Expanded by Iconian Fonts (2002).

The initial could a modified ("filled") capital /S/ of one of the following:
Monotype: http://Wedding Text Std
Fontshop: http://TR Lincoln
Linotype: http://Mariage LT Std
Adobe, Linotype: http://Linotext (Std or Dfr)
Bitstream: http://Wedding Text BT
URW: http://Mariage (or Mariage Becker or Mariage Becker Antique or Mariage AntD, http://Bliss, http://Olde English
Typographer Mediengestaltung: http://Olde English

I found them using "Find my Font":