HELP With old/Curly/Ithinkit'sFamous/Fantasy Font

I've been looking for this font's name for months. Nobody seems to know, and the recognition pages didn't get it either.

The sample says "E l B a o". I've seen this fon in one or two places already so, I think it's a famous one.

It's a bold/curly/fantasy font. I suspect it's a free one.

Can anybody help?



FF Mambo is close.

Hey! Close enough! I can work with that!

Thank you very much, Ebel!

Unfortunately, some are obvious rip-offs of Fajita.
And I still have my copy of Fajita on a floppy disk from ICG.

Renaissance Man on 18 May 2013 — 1:40pm:

Unfortunately, some are obvious rip-offs of Fajita.
And I still have my copy of Fajita on a floppy disk from ICG.

Is it OK to help people find fonts one considers rip-offs?


Is dafont a secret? Did I point out the rip-offs? Did I list a legitimate source for Fajita? Did I point out that I own a legitimate copy of Fajita?

You answer your own question.

You pointed out a list of fonts and said that some of them are rip-offs. Who gains what out of that? Why help Gonzalo (a member for less than one day) at the expense of Rubin (who went to the trouble of making Fajita) and legitimate font sellers? Is the pleasure of IDing fonts more important than supporting the design of fonts? On Typophile? And does something have to be a secret to avoid promoting it? Bank robbery isn't a secret either.


Bank robbery isn't a secret.

Neither is getting on your high horse.

Dude, you're helping people find fonts you yourself consider to be rip-offs. What direction does that take Typophile?


Renaissance Man 18 May 2013 — 2:00pm:

Did I point out the rip-offs?

Renaissance Man 18 May 2013 — 1:40pm:

You indirectly pointed to Burrito. Dangerously close to a plagiarized version of Fajita (it is on the page you pointed to in your 18 May 2013 — 1:40pm comment in this post).

For now, I’m going to let this stand as an example (I may edit at my discretion). I would also recommend you exercise better judgement in the future. See below:

Figure 1: Fajita (top) and Burrito (bottom).

For reference, see the Typophile Forum Posting Guidelines.

I have brought this thread to Jared’s attention.

Maybe by extension, we ought to ban ALL references to dafont since it does have some fonts that are or appear to be rip-offs. Some references to sites that notoriously make available pirated fonts are routinely edited by moderators.

The question at hand is when does a site (or do pages on a site) become blacklisted? As of right now, there are 3,380 references to dafont on Typophile.

Should we ban references to Google searches also?

To me any/all of that would be too strict.

It's not about getting it perfect every time, it's about caring for Typophile's raison d'être, and being open to correction.