Can someone tell me if this is an actual font?

My client supplied me with this image (a jpeg) as a “font file”, believe it or not.lightning


Sorry Kyle, haven’t got a clue. What about the ‘cat, Cheshire?

Whaddya think I’ve been doing for the last, uh, far too long?

If there’s a free font out there called “Lightning” or “Electric” or something similar that looks like this, I didn’t find it. There are a bunch of free “Harry Potter” lookalike fonts, though they don’t look cartoonish like this.

The sample here looks like the stroke widths vary in such a way as to make it look not digital to me.

And Kyle: I totally believe it.

Gosh, also koeiekat does’t know. But it is a scan so your customer should be able to give you some more info. The whole feature around this may give a clue. i do not really like the thing but it is an interesting question.

Have fun … and be nice to the cats