Deco Font


Does anyone recognize this font? Is there a digital form of it? Thanks!


i'd say Minimal Regular with a modified A crossbar.

That was a film font called Hairstreak (British) and Mossman (American). The closest digital version I know of is what Elfring called Mossman and sold as shareware years ago. Later, they sold it as Mossy.

Canada Type offers a wonderful version called Sympathique, but it doesn't include the 'G' or 'R' you need and is lighter.

Nice find, Jodie. I'd certainly go with Keystrokes' build quality over Elfring's - and the 'A' will need modification with either font.

Thanks! The Mossman is perfect!

Minimal has a very stylish uppercase but I am disappointed with the lowercase, which is a duplicate with some alternates. What suggestions might there be for a lowercase of similar weight that would work with Minimal's uppercase? CT's Sympathique lower case is well executed but too curly for my taste.