Sister to Cousin Beth Font?

I'm doing shirts for a fund raiser and at some point they had some shirts done using this font but I really can't buy a font for these since I'm donating them. Everyone said it doesn't have to be this exact font but it would be great if it was close. Any recommendations for a "really close" font?

Thanks again!!!


No visible sample.

Make them buying the font (it's only $50) a condition of you doing the free work.


Here ye go Ryuk

hrant, that does seem fair but if I can find something they like for free it's a win / win.


It's not a win/win in the long term. Reducing the biggest motivation to make (good) fonts hurts everybody (certainly font users) eventually. Getting people used to paying for fonts helps.



The poster already knew the font, Akira.

Oh, sorry, I just saw the image and didn’t read what the poster wrote.

Sorry wannab1, it came up with nothing free and convincing. I'm also convinced it'd be very hard to find a free and legal alternative to it, the design is really too specific and I'm afraid you'll find only illegal copies or rip-offs. Talking about illegality, if you finally decide to go with some freebie, come back here again and post your choice, we'll try to find out if it could be used safely.
Here are some resources you might find useful: http://list of similar to Cousin Beth compiled at Identifont, Decorative section and Curly tagged fonts at Fontsquirrel, Google Web Fonts directory, http://Curly section at DaFont