I have this scan of a picture, of a shirt with the lettering I need (see attached). I have run it through FMF but no luck. Any assistance would be appreciated


I can't believe I've stumped the forum.

well, it is pretty awful. in many ways. looks like someone could have taken a marker and just made a bunch of straight letters, then connected them with lines for some sort of faux scripted effect.

The ways that the letters connect suggest it wasn't ever a font.

Many casual scripts look awful, but have their own appeal for some purposes. Think of -- using the pre-digital names-- Choc, Mistral, Signal, Reporter (Gong), Pepita etc.
As for the ways that the letters connect in the image this would require OT features that allow the choice of "top" or "middle" joins between charcters.
Consider the following using Nick Shinn's Handsome Pro
The letterforms are more rounded than in the image, but you can see how the connections work.

Some effects, such as the overlapped th would require special ligatures.
Anyway, this design is probably hand lettering or Photoshop. It does not appeal particularly to me as being worth fonting.

Can't agree more with eliason. Most probably a custom logo work. Loosely reminding me of Santa Fe/Kaufmann/Swing and Matinee Idol. May be having a look to some similar fonts listed at Identifont is worth of an interest: http://Santa Fe and http://Matinee Idol

Thank you all. I agree with many of the comments. I was hoping to cut some time off the reproduction and not have to scan the shirt by sections and piece together. Thanks again for the suggestions.

Adding Neonoir and Luxus Brut, both by Phospho and Signerica to suggestions.

Neonoir, suggested by Ryuk, is the closest approximation of the lettering. But if your object is to reproduce the shirt rather than to have the ability to produce a variety of mottos in this lettering, my opinion is that it would be easier for you to scan sections of the shirt and reassemble them, rather than to modify Neonoir.
Good luck!