Financial Times Weekend magazine serif typeface.

I snapped this picture while on the tube today of a beautiful serif typeface used on the cover of the Financial Times Weekend magazine. Any ideas what it could be?

Thanks in advance.



Some version of Didot compressed? Note the extreme thick & thin contrast and hairline squared serifs. But I don't recognize this version offhand. Perhaps proprietary.

Fairly close is Typofonderie's AmbroiseStdFirminLight:

Some Didots, like this Ambroise and one from Canada Type have ball terminals similar to your image, while other Didots have a gradual flow into the hairline stroke.


Torino or Industrial 736, Bitstream version of Torino

I should have recalled this one.
Somebody with more time than prudence could do a digital swash version to match the creation by Photo Display, which seems to date from the 1970s. Nebillo's creation with a disco beat :)


Must have been a real challenge to create a workable system for character spacing & kerning.
Hope he gets some sales.

Perfect, thanks for the hard work guys. I really appreciate it.