Warby Parker - Le Chat Cambrioleur - MULTIPLE FONT ID

Looking for a double font id:

1. Typeface used for 'Le Chat Cambrioleur'

2. Typeface used for 'Auteur Eyewear Collection'

Many thanks in advance,


'Le Chat Cambrioleur' must be http://Alternate Gothic2 although http://Trade Gothic (Bold Condensed No. 20) is also close

I found it using "Find my Font": http://www.findmyfont.com

'Auteur Eyewear Collection' must be Bastard by Michael Cina (Test Pilot Collective, 1998) but I don't know if there is any legitimate sources now to acquire Test Pilot Collective fonts.
You can read more about them on Luc Devroy pages:

thanks so much!!!!

Test Pilot Collective. Bastard was given away as a free font toward the end of 2001 (I have a copy of the User License). If you want to use it commercially, I'd contact them.

If you simply like the squared, thick n' thin style of Bastard, it seems to have been heavily influenced by Eden Bold.