Triangle A

Looking for the name of this font with a typical A


According to their website, the font is called "bastillefont". As many of this kind of job, it is deeply rooted in Futura. This one looks mainly like a redrawn/roughen/hand-shaped version of it (see printscreen below).
As you're mainly after this kind of /A (which could easily be done starting from /A, removing middle crossbar and "closing" the resulting triangle): Diamonds, Evolette A, Lightyears, many ones at TenDollarFonts (TWOFACED, Echelon, Rathe, Parqa, Fonecian, Finding 57, Harf 77, Labieno, Positano, Marina, Alumia...)
More inspiration: I Am So Tired With Your Experimental Sans

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Ryuk, thanks a lot. Good work!