Custom or not? Can anyone help?

I have seen a few fonts similar to this but not sure what it is. Can anyone ID or suggest a similar alternative?


To me, it's deeply rooted in Bauhaus so I'd probably go for "custom" and not hard to reproduce (circles, strokes and cuts). Reminds me of Ronda (mainly because of /n) too. Some in the same ballpark (customization needed): Chalet New York 1970, Circa, Harry, Horatio

Agency that has the crane account may have posted info on it's design of the logo. Seems to be the plumbing company. Looks recent.

Thanks guys. I have seen a lot similar to this. This one by sea for Jamie Oliver is also pretty close.

Ronda seems like a good shout. Thanks for your help. :)

To me, all these types are customization of well-known commercial geometric sans-serifs such as Avant-Garde, Avenir, Futura... Adding to the list of "ready-to-use" fonts Dessau, Churchward-design and Orange.