Smoother Simpler Biondi?

Hi trying to find a fond with these characteristics. Particularly like the "G".

Thanks for your keen eye ; -)



Looks like a heavy weight of their own corporate font called "gleneagles" as seen on their website as Light.

That could be. In fact pretty likely ; -) But I feel as if I have seen it or something similar to it elsewhere. Ring a bell for anyone?

Mini serifed heavy sans was used as a design feature cira 1900. Sometimes called flareserif. A few modern uses of tiny serifs similar to the sample:
Steve Zafarana's Alphdog,
Jim Parkinson's Modesto,
Leslie Usherwood and Steve Jackaman's Alexon
Phil Martin's Agenda by URW which makes use of the same serifs but only for about half the usual locations.

"gleneagles" font is copyrighted to Sedley Place.
Adding to Don's suggestions: Quorum, Newtext, Laudatio, Symbol, Havenbrook, Cantoria, Lady Copra Alternate, Beaufort

You guys rock ; -)

Modesto looks good and beaufort works as well!

Thanks for your help!!