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Adobe ITC Franklin Gothic question


I’m currently tracking down a problem I’ve had using different versions of Adobe’s ITC Franklin Gothic and was wondering if others have had the same problem.

The current issue: an outside vendor sent us a job using Franklin Gothic Book which they had purchased from Adobe. Their particular font was created Aug 18, 1995 and modified Feb 5, 1997.

Our version of the font purchased from Adobe does not have a book version. It has a screen font named “Franklin Gothic”, created and modified on Jan. 16, 1997.

These different-named versions appear to be the same font. Anyone know why the naming is inconsistent?

Thanks for your help


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Adobe often updates their faces.

If you own an old version it’s very likely that it also uses old Unique-ID numbers and may cause conflicts.

The best thing is to write Adobe to ask for an update. Even if they possibly ask you some upgrade payment, If you are a registered user they may give you a more recent version for free.

A thing to note is that, if they have even slightly changed the metrics value the text may reflow.
Check this in your layout or design application in which the job is typeset.