20's, 30's, grotesk sans


I don't know what's the music worth, but the cover is gorgeous.
Can someone here put a name on this beautiful typeface ?


Unfortunately, it came up with nothing. No origin and not even a loosely similar. I don't even know if it's a font actually. My first feeling was "too many circles/bars to be a font".
Anyway, pretty useless but here are some fonts I like for this one: Trade Printer, Two Cents, Dezen Pro, Wilma, Jean-Luc, Cornelia, Crimestopper, Karben 105 Mono and Kessel 205, Serenade, Absender, Old Block, Catorze27

When you've got Ryuk stuck, you know it's a hard one !
Some of the fonts you listed are super nice.

The jet behind the singer looks like something from the late 50's or 60's. If the cover art was prepared then the font would probably have been photo-composition Note that the S seems out of alignment -- tilted left -- as if it had been poorly applied. If so, then the font was probably something sold by a French equivalent to Letraset. Noting Ryuk's search results, the font was probably never converted to digital.
The font has a high waist and an N where the diagonal intersects halfway up the right hand stroke.
NT Cornelia has a similar N.
High waisted fonts were popular before 1900 but few have been digitized. There is at least one high waisted font, but it has serifs. This is Eccentric designed by Gustav F. Schroeder in 1881 and published by Adobe and others.
MyFonts blurb:
"Eccentric is an all-capital, narrow-bodied, monoline display face that could be described as high waisted. With cross-bars and main junctures more than halfway up the letterforms, every letter - except the W - has a long-legged appearance."

I had a hunch this was a new photo taken in front of an old airplane. It had nothing to do with the typography. In the 1950s, when you saw a dude with three days' beard and a jacket that didn't fit, he wasn't a pop star, he was a homeless guy. A quick Google search confirmed that this album was released on May 27, 2013.


Well it was a stab in the dark. But you are right, in the 1950's and early 60s in the Anglosphere, almost everyone looked "neat" even pop singers. Was this also true of the Franco world? Or had the 5 day unshaven look already arrived? I defer to pop culture experts.
As an alternative to photo-composition, the letters could have been selectively stretched in Illustrator or Photoshop to create a high waist effect.
An easy font to make, which has with some appeal, as laurent's post indicates. I'm surprised that there seems to be nothing on the market, or released as an amateur creation.

Just found another one !

Nice too, but not the same typeface though...