Need assistance in identifying a font

Specifically, the font on top that reads "A New Chapter." I've tried using identifont and whatthefont but neither came up with an option that was even close. I'm beginning to think the original designer of the logo adjusted an existing font in Illustrator using outlines, but i'm hoping this isn't so.

It looks like it could be Century Gothic, or some other gothic, yet the capital "E" is really different.

I'm redesigning this logo for a client and they want me to use the same font, yet they don't remember what it is, and I can't find it. :)

Thank you so much,



It's most probably a one-off, custom "E" for Century Gothic. In fact if it is a font, it's likely to be plagiarized from Century Gothic, so best avoided.

But anyway: how hard is it to add a line to the "C"? In fact it would take less time than trying to find a font!

And while you're at it, tighten the "EW".


thank you kindly for all your help

Confirming both feeling. Definitely "Century Gothic customized". Add a horizontal bar to /C, pull down /H middle crossbar and done :)
Some alternatives: Samosata and Kessel 205