Font with big swashes

Perhaps not the right terminology but I am looking for fonts that have a big 'swashes' associated with them. I new to create something similar in the attached image, whereby the last letter, y in my case and d in the example attached forms a swash.

Do such fonts exist or is this something I would manually create. Appreciate any help.


Those tails and swashes can be found in some fonts. Have a look to some of them tagged "baseball" at MF may lead you in the right direction.

Great. will try that, any more anyone?

Ballpark Script designed by Thomas Kennedy for Letterhead Fonts.
"This fun to use old-fashioned script comes with two fonts: LHF Ballpark Script and LHF Ballpark Swashes. LHF Ballpark Swashes includes over 58 different swashes in place of characters, designed to attach to the ends of the Ballpark Script letters."

This one is a prize winner, Metroscript designed by Michael Doret and published by Alphabet Soup