Solopedia final issue

The Solopedia is an outstanding resource for identifying fonts.
For many years it has been updated monthly by "Character" and posted at usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.fonts.
The updated version is then incorporated in the web version.
The final issue of the Solopedia curated by "Character" was released today. Here is his post to alt.binaries.fonts:
"Attached is the zipped version of the May 2013 edition of the Solopedia....
Due to some severe health problems, this will be the last edition that I'll be able to produce or contribute to.
It would be great if someone would take up the reins and continue to oversee its continued progress."
I have posted this information in the type ID board as it is primarily of interest to type ID specialists rather than other activities of Typophile.
We will miss character's contribution.
Perhaps one of the contributors to the type ID board might consider taking over this project.


Direct link to web version without need to log in: