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Handwritten retro fonts

Hey Guys !

I'm looking for a good font to create and all font logo.
Attached is the style I'm looking for.

Tips and ideas are welcome !
Thanks !


"Pigeon": looks rather hand-drawn to me (and a bit too much "Pinterest" to me...). Some I like: http://Cylburn, http://Mission Script, http://Lavanderia
"Scratch": don't know this one, possibly hand-drawn too. reminds me of Bender Script and many Måns Grebäck
"... Kitchen": Metroscript

Yeah, the idea is to draw it by hand myself too, but based on a good font, so I got a direction where to go. The letter "Z" is sometimes a hard one to capitalize, and my logo (brand) starts with a "Z" :)
Thanks for the tips !