!!! Happy Birthday Jared - Happy 5th Anniversary Typophile !!!

Bald Condensed's picture

'nuff said. I'll be back later. :-)

nike's picture

happy birthday jared and happy birthday typophiles.

nice date :-)

pablohoney77's picture

happy birthday, Jared. thanks for inviting us all to such a swell party with cool guests!!!

William Berkson's picture

Thanks for Typophile, Jared, and congratulations on the 5th anniversary! It's a daily enjoyment for me and many others.

Mark Simonson's picture


...Jared & Typophile!

kris's picture

Fo' sho'!

Well done chaps, stellar effort!
You don't know what this site has
done for me, really!


rs_donsata's picture

Very happy birthday and thanks a lot for typophile.

as8's picture

Buon Compleanno, Jared Benson,
this forum is a great idea.
Best wishes,

sensat's picture

Happy birthday~!

beejay's picture

Happy Birthday ... thank you (and Joe) for Typophile. :-)

eomine's picture

Happy belated birthday!

edwh's picture

Happy 5th Anniversary Typophile!! Thanks for a fantasitic website and a wonderful community!!

Happy Birthday Jared!! (uhm ... who's heee? one of the founders? hehe, sorry)

Grant Hutchinson's picture

Toasting with bent elbow, I am.

Thanks & congrats.


Miguel Hernandez's picture

Gracias por tan excelente proyecto y feliz cumplea

dezcom's picture

good thing it is not at 666 :-)

jmc's picture

Felicidades a todos los tip

wizard7926's picture

Congrats, troubleman!

..and just what was that compliment, for those of us who don't know?

Miss Tiffany's picture

Ah very very cool. Happy Birthday to both of you! How fortuitous that your birth, Typophile, lands on the same day of your Father, Jared.


Happiest of Birthdays, Jared. May your hopes and wishes come true.

tamye's picture

Happy Birthday, Jared! Happy Birthday, Typophile! Thank you for bringing the typographic community together in this forum, the Film Festival, and other ways. I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your family. Looking forward to another great year.

Stephen Coles's picture

I remember way back (unfortunately archive.org's records don't
go back that far) in March of 2000 when I saw the splash page
for this new site called "Typophile" and its call for contributors.

It's grown leaps and bounds since then and I can't help but feel
like a proud uncle. Congrats to the proud papa and a very
happy birthday!

Zara Evens's picture

Someone once said that "Birthdays are nature's way of telling you eat more cake." I can't agree more, though I'd recommend pulling out the ol' blow torch and flaming up a nice creme brul

Jared Benson's picture

Thanks everyone for your kind words! I'm feeling the love. I hope you'll join me in celebrating our 5th anniversary when we unveil the new Typophile on (appropriately) 05.05.05.


Bald Condensed's picture

It's finally here!

I would like to dedicate my 5000th post to Jared for his birthday,
(albeit a tad late, but over 70 posts in a day is too much; I'm not Hrant)
to Joe for being the other half of Typophile, to Stephen my sensei
and partner in crime, to BJ for giving me the best compliment ever,
to the numerous friends I've made here (you know who you are!),
to Typophile's 5th anniversary (2000-2005) and to the launch of the
next incarnation of Typophile on 05|05|05 which is primed to become
the mother of all type-related websites.

Told you I'd be back! :-)

Dav's picture

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy..
( Happy Birthday, Jared.. Happy Birthday, Typophile.. )


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