Jimmy Edgar's "Bounce Make Model" minimalist caps - Lineto like?

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A sweet minimalist display font, does anyone know what it is?minimalist display

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I think Universal Everything made the packaging, but it looks like The Design Republic (TDR) actually did the design. I think it is a custom typeface. Warp records is one of the TDR clients.

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If you are just trying to find a similar look, House's Neutraface Display Thin is similar, as you might see in this re-creation of the album wording:
Jimmy Edgar Neutraface

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You could also check out Burin Sans. Letters have different shapes but it's nice and thin. The M in your sample looks like a W flipped upside down.

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Nice find, Fabio..

Mike, Matt Pyke ( Universal Everything ) also was a former member of tDR, so he may have created both.. ( Slightly seems like 'Ex~tDR' week, here on Typophile.. )

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I think we've had these before, but can't find the relevant thread.

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