Very Old Font 1870s

Can anyone Id the font on the attached image. Its from a sign dated around 1870s.


Looks like some sort of Bodoni Compressed but hard to say with the distortion, serifs look bigger on my suggestion. A Bodoni Condensed Black might work as well.

This was a typeface known as "Roman" which was popular during the third quarter of the 19th century. Note the extreme thick-thin contrast like Didot or Bodoni. Also note the huge pointed-wedge shaped beaks on E, G, L, T & S and mini unbracketed serifs. Foundry terminology varied but Roman Extra Condensed Italic, or Roman Elongated Slope would fit. Here is a condensed version, with no slope, from Bruce Foundry 1869.
AFAIK "Roman" is not digitized in a precise match to your image.

Thanks to Don, digged a bit more and found these 3 ones, all from Wooden Type Foundry and possibly some digitizations of "Roman" as identified by him: Roman X (no more available to sell unfortunately), Penny and Roman Wells

Thanks Ryuk for posting the Wooden Type Foundry fonts. I won't duplicate the references.
A few more: Matthew Carter's Elephant Regular is a well designed presentation of a design that is somewhere between Thororowgood and the font that formed the basis for your image. Somewhat similar is Monotype's 1931 design for Falstaff. Berthold's 1860 design, Normand BQ includes a condensed version and an italic version but not a condesnsed italic. There is also a Bitstream version of Normande.

For a not exact, but fairly close to your image, rendition of the letters in your image see the following image using Woodentype's Roman Xtra Cond, wqhich also shows the letters with a slope of 4 degrees:

I have no idea how you could purchase this font. MyFonts does not sell it and the website, which used to sell it, merely has a notice in Russian that the website is suspended. Perhaps someone has current info on the foundry?