Bold condensed script by Doyald Young

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I need to know where I can purchase this font.
Chuck Williams

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It was designed in the thirtees, but
Freehand 521 does it for me.

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or something similar. I am trying to look for a 50's farm script or something relating to farms in the 50's.

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Also, Monotype Script Bold is similar in feel, weight and color, if not exactly the same in design.

Good luck!


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It's looks like Eclat by Doyald Young
published by Letraset.

I have no url but it shouldn't be that hard to find. check out the Fontek collection.

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chuck I have this font.

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You are right Stephen. But it must be some kind of variation?

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Teacher, you can't leave us hanging.
What's it called?

And yes, Eclat looks like the wide version of
Chuck's sample, (with some modifications).


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Hey Chuck. Nice to see another Utahn here.
We are dominant on Typophile.

I imagine you plucked this sample from one
of Mr. Young's fine books. It's my
understanding that these are his own designs
and I know of no distributor for his work.

It sure is lovely. I'll reply later with
similar scripts, though I doubt anything
can match it.


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