Roughened font on CD cover

Can anyone please identify this font? The “v” is quite distinctive with its tail-like serif and the letters are not only rough but some have slightly odd angles and don't sit on the same line. Tried my best but couldn't identify it so far. Thanks in advance.


I believe the original font must be http://New York by Apple & Font Bureau and the irregularities you describe (including the strange v's serif) must be the result of either a bad designer's choice or a quick unedited raster-to-vector conversion.

I found it using "Find my Font":

Thank you very much. At first sight I thought you can't be right, but after a second look: The left side of the bar of the "t", the rather short "d" and "b", the proportions of the upper-case "B", the shape of "a" and "r", that's all *very* similar. I haven't found a hint that there's a "rough" version of New York, so probably it's custom made for the CD cover for Handel's "Alcina", an opera about a sorceress turning men into animals. Probably the modifications of the font are thought to mirror the opera's archaic and "wild" plot...
No wonder I had no success when I searched for fonts similar to Caslon Antique or Manuscript...
Thanks again!

While trying to identify it, I came across these ones which don't match either unfortunately but are in the same vein: IM Fell Types, Mayflower Antique, Aquifer

Thank you, Ryuk. IM Fell Double Pica comes quite close, doesn't it? The lower-case "b" has a similar spur, the "t" is similar as well. And IM Fell English and Great Primer have a similar roughness. Still, it's strange that this one should be so difficult to identify.