Matching an engraving on receiver

I started looking for help on this in December. I tried What The Font, a message board that is related to the subject (firearms), a message board that has a fair number of graphic artists, and also the manufacturer. Just recently I was told about this forum so I figured I'd give it another go.

So I've got a gun part. It came already engraved as seen in the first attached picture "OrigEngraving", and I would like to add my own engraving in the same font. The engraving company I have contacted for the job said they can do any TTF font.

I did my best to trace the letters so What The Font could "see" the letters (see "tracelettertry") and the best I've come up with is Chevin Light. I typed the same information up as the engraving with Chevin Light and that is attached as well as "ChevinLightExample".

"ACDEFGHIMNORSTU" are all the letters I intend to have engraved, with 'H' being the only one not on the original engraving.

The areas that bother me:
'A' - Curved sides, bar too low
'G' - Less rounded
'O' - Less rounded
'M' - Too narrow, center too low
'S' - Less rounded
'W' - Center too high

So anyway, that's where I'm at. Any help would be appreciated in either finding the correct font or modifying Chevin Light.

Almost forgot. I was also pointed to "US BLOCK 1L" a GravoStyle engraving font, which would make sense but the 'M' 'W' & 'G' are definitely wrong with that font.


Given the medium, it's doubtful that you'll find an exact match in a digital typeface. This is a lot closer to your original, but it's still not cigar-worthy...